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There’s no more difficult time in our lives than when we lose a loved one. It is something that every one of us goes through and yet nothing can prepare you for the experience. Unfortunately, dealing with the grief is not the only hardship. There will often be a host of legal and financial problems to settle. That is where we can come in and take the burden for you. Perhaps you will need help administering the estate of your loved, especially if you have been appointed you as an executor in their will, or they left no will and you are next of kin. A K Gulati will be there to competently and sympathetically guide you through the process, be it gathering assets and financial information, paying debts, settling taxes, or any of the other issues that can arise from a loved one’s passing.

Leaving behind a last will and testament, detailing your burial or cremation wishes, your executors, your legacies to family, friends, and charities, and any trusts you require to be administered, will make sure your loved ones have as easy a time as possible when you have passed away. Wills need care and attention and, if possible, you should be legally advised. Our experience will ensure you leave nothing to chance and guarantee your loved ones’ peace of mind.


Administering somebody’s estate after their death and in accordance with their will, or dealing with someone’s finances and assets after they have died, often involves probate. The word probate comes from ‘proving’ the will of the person who has died i.e., proving it is the genuine article. The end result is a Grant of Probate which grants the Executor authority to handle the estate assets, and proves their authority to any banks, building societies and other organisations that may hold the deceased person’s assets.

Trusts & Lifetime Settlements

If you would like to set up a trust to benefit your loved ones? We can organise a complete audit of your situation and provide the solution to fit your needs. Although we have an hourly rate, we may be able to work with you on a fixed fee basis, as this often works well for our clients.


A complex Will demands the input of thoroughly experienced practitioners with considerable drafting dexterity and precision. Our Private Client department does a lot of work in the area of Wills, power of attorney, trusts and probate, and we have considerable expertise.

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