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Sometimes it is a sad reality that marriages or other partnerships between couples irreparably break down. In these instances, divorce or separation becomes the only option, often dragging other family members into the conflict. And none more so than the children of that relationship. Caught in the often devastating process of their parents’ split, the needs and demands of the children can easily become lost.

Disputes about where and with which parent the children should live are common. There may be distressing situations where the children have not being returned home after a visit, or removed from a parent’s care without their agreement. Or perhaps it is as simple as arranging a mutually agreeable scheduling of contact between the children and their parent or family members. Also, sometimes, there are disagreements about which family members the children can or cannot have contact with.

Practical Advice, Sensitive Support

Family law is a very niche area, and dealing with the needs of children even more so. No parent wants their children to suffer, and to obtain the best outcome for your children, you will need a solicitor who really cares, and can give you supportive face-to-face advice and guidance. Previous clients highly recommend our family solicitors for their considerate, practical and sensitive support and advice. We are members of the Law Society’s Children Panel.

Expert Advice in a Difficult Situation

It is usually best for all concerned if arrangements can be made without court involvement. However, financial arrangements and living arrangements are not always agreeable between parents. The court can be asked to help settle a dispute, in the absence of agreement, although mediation should be considered by the parents before recourse to the court.

This is a complicated area of law, and it requires advice from an expert in the field. We are members of the Law Society’s Children Panel.

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  • Contact arrangements and Contact
  • Orders
  • Special Guardianship Orders (or Residence Order) for a non-parent
  • Adoption
  • Domestic Violence
  • Change of Child’s Name