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There are always times when problems arise between people in any work environment. Perhaps your relationship with a colleague has become fractured and your work performance is suffering as a result. Perhaps you feel that your employer is treating you unfairly, or even illegally. If so, get in touch with us. Our Employment Specialists will quickly assess your situation and provide you with legal advice and a strategy for managing these workplace relationships. We can help you find resolutions to the situation, or even correspond directly with your employer, on your behalf, if you need us to. There is always a solution. Let us help you find it.

Finding the Best Solution

Our employment solicitors stay up to date with the latest decisions of the Employment Appeal Tribunal; they are therefore well versed in the finer points of employment law. They will be able to guide and advise you on all the different issues, whatever your problem is. They may be able to provide you with an angle that you had not previously considered, and they will spell out your legal options and tactics in simple terms. If your situation is particularly thorny, we can always write to your employer to remind them of their responsibilities and the risk of litigation if they persist. Should it be absolutely necessary to press your case in court, we will represent you at the Employment Tribunal.

Employment Tribunals

The employment tribunal tends to be a less formal judicial body than a court. However, it is empowered to make legally binding judgements in disputes involving the workplace and employment rights.

A claim through the Tribunal is a step to be taken when all other avenues of resolution have proven unsuccessful.

Employment Issues We Can Help You with

 A K Gulati & Co’s our employment solicitors can help employees in the following areas:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Contracts of Employment and Employment Status
  • Advice on your director service agreement
  • Discrimination
  • Disciplinary and dismissal
  • Grievances
  • Harassment and Bullying
  • Issuing Employment Claims and Representation at the Employment Tribunal
  • Redundancy, Lay Off and Short-Time Working
  • Restrictive Covenants and Confidentiality
  • Settlement Agreements and Termination Packages
  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Variations to Your Contract of Employment Including Salary / Wage Reductions
  • Constructive Dismissal